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Belgrade Summer School 2018 (BSS) is an International language school taking place in Belgrade, Serbia.

It is organised in three sessions, two weeks each:

  • 18 June - 29 July   KIDS & TEENS 
  • 02 - 13 July 2018   STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS
  • 16 - 27 July 2018   STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

This international event comprises educational part - language classes,

and social part - cultural and recreational activities and excursions.

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Have fun with us

October 18, 2015

Afternoon activities

May 25, 2015

Evenings out

May 17, 2015

Full day excursions

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10:00 am - 8:00 pm

18. June 2018 – 29. June 2018

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

2. July 2018 – 13. July 2018

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

16. July 2018 – 27. July 2018

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Dinara Valieva

I am happy to share my emotions about "Belgrade Summer School":To begin with, it is almost impossible to comprise all the knowledge and emotions gained in one or two abstracts. I found out about BSS spontaneously, by the using of search engine and saw this school as a good platform for improvement my English. During two weeks of School I was deeply impressed by the level of organization, the quality of education and by the favorable attitude to students who were given a unique chance to feel themselves in real English surrounding. Before participation in BSS I did not imagine that it would be the most unforgettable experience of my life. Firstly, I want to thank an amazing organizing team, who were supporting every participant from time to time. They did their utmost, creating a friendly environment for study and fun. I want to thank my teacher Melicivica for patient and fun games, for interesting lessons and soulful conversations. I want to thank Mihajlo for saving my life from bee (who know, he will understandJ), for supporting us on excursions. I want to thank Javier and Helen for conducting fascinating excursions around the city, amazing stories about Belgrade and good and warm accompany. I want to thank the director of studies ‘Concord Language School’ prof. Ana Bastianoni for opportunity to have awesome trip and study, which I will remember all my life. I want to thank director of International Communication Fund prof. Slavica Stamenovic for providing sponsorship for educational                 programme and input in development of my personality.  Every day we had not only workshops, when we were discussing, learning, gathering the ideas, but also magnificent entertainment tourist and culture programme: Kalemegdan - Belgrade Fortress, Zemun - Gardoš Tower, Šumadija - Oplenac and Topola, Dedinje - Royal Courts and Memorial Complex Tito and, of course, Boat Trip in last day, where our crazy dances will remember very long! Now, looking through the photos, I feel the spirit of Belgrade and miss all of this and understand that it is the page of my life, which will warm me forever. Finally, I am really proud of my participation in Belgrade Summer School: believe in myself, believe in my future. Best regards,Dinara Valieva
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Viktorija Rjapuhina

Моя организация эффективно сотрудничает с проектом Летняя школа Белграда с 2008 года. В результате этого взаимодействия ежегодно десятки молодых людей становятся участниками этого замечательного интернационального мероприятия, где они имеют возможность повышать свой языковой уровень при поддержке высококвалифицированных и компетентных преподавателей, которые используют самые современных методики обучения иностранному языку без языка посредника. Но, не менее важно и то, что участники программы Летней школы Белграда приобретают неоценимый опыт мультикультурного и мультиязыкового общения. Для многих студентов моего университета участие в данном мероприятии становиться первым крупным международным проектом и очень хорошим стартом для дальнейшего образования и карьеры. Не могу не отметить и то, с каким бережным вниманием и искренней теплотой и гостеприимством организаторы Летней школы Белграда  обогащают программу  социальными, культурными и развлекательными молодежными мероприятиями. Как директор Сербского ресурсного центра также хочу отметить значительный вклад и заслуги Летней школы Белграда в продвижении сербского языка и культуры, развитии въездного туризма и презентации исторического и духовного наследия сербов. Since 2008. my organization effectively cooperates with project Summer School in Belgrade. As a result of this interaction annually dozens of young people are participants in this great international event. Here they have the opportunity to improve their language skills with the support of qualified and competent teachers who use the most modern methods of learning a foreign language without an intermediary language. But no less important is the fact that participants in the program of the Summer School of Belgrade acquire invaluable experience of multilingual and multicultural communication. For many students of my university's participation in this event is the first major international project and a very good start for further education and careers. I can not fail to note the careful attention and genuine warmth and hospitality with which the organizers of the Belgrade Summer School program enrich the social, cultural and entertainment activities youth. As director of the Resource Center of Serbia I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution and achievements of Belgrade Summer School in the promotion of the Serbian language and culture, the development of tourism and the presentation of the historical and spiritual heritage of the Serbs.

Olga Simonova

Добар дан, поштовани професори! Драго ми jе шта била студенткинеj Concord Language School прошлог лета. Ови курси много помогли ми у општенье са моими приjателjaми у Србиjи. Надам се чу имати могучность jош едан пут учити српскиj у Concord Language School. Извините моjи грешки.Срдчан поздрав, Ольга Симонова

Anita Gargarova

Dear All, It was a great experience, I've really enjoyed the weeks I spent at your school. The learning conditions are very good. The teachers are nice, excellent professionals and always ready to help. I am greatful for the nice atmosphere at the school. I have improved my Serbian a lot and I can highly recommend the Serbian language course at Concord Language School. A very big Thank you to my teacher Ljiljana! Thank you everybody!See you next year again.With my best wishes, Anita Gargarova

Oxana Gladyseva

"It was my first visit to Serbia. Being on the way to this country I was full of enthusiasm about the culture, traditions, history of this state and surely expected to perfect my English. Usually I try to be guided by the rule : “to kill two birds with one stone”, so the Belgrade summer school became for me the place to improve my English, at the same time I had a chance to network with people from different cities and countries, make new friends, and visit famous sites of the capital-Belgrade.Social program was amazing! One day excursion to Novi Sad, bicycling around the lake in a sunny day in Ada Ciganlija- this is a bright spot in the memories about Serbia. A Trip to the Royal Courts- a posh residence of monarchs – attracted my attention by Byzantine style in exterior. The church of St.Sava- the top of which I could see from any corner of the city. Follow my example and send post cards to your family and friends from the Serbian “Пошта” (Post office)! Belgrade Fortress - in the day time it is a very peaceful place where you feel reassured and where you can do your homework, in the evening this is a place of rock concerts, night long walks, photo exhibitions and so on. Be sure that many other breathtaking places in the social program of the school are waiting for you! Many places of the city became familiar to me. Significant to note the people-Belgrade citizens - are friendly, they are ready to help you and put a finger on the place which you are seeking.Two weeks of studying in the Belgrade Summer School passed very quickly, but it was enough to enjoy the city's charm and strengthen the knowledge in English. The Belgrade summer school in the face of my English teacher Timothy Johnston , manager Ana Bastianoni and director Slavica Stamenovic have motivated me to work on and get the necessary results in the future. They are sincere, open minded people with whom I stay in touch up to now.The Belgrade summer school was a brilliant start up for me, because it greatly assisted me to get a high score of iBT TOEFL. So now I can continue my education at the Master’s degree abroad.I’m full of awe-inspiriting emotions about Serbia and get butterflies in my stomach when I speak about my valuable experience in the Belgrade summer school. Let Serbia change your life as she has changed mine. Visit Serbia! Join the Belgrade summer school!"