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BSS Mission and Vision
BSS Organizing Committee
#This Year's Campaign
The main idea of the team that have built Belgrade Summer School is intercultural education.
After years of investing into this project, we are ready to transfer the knowledge - to you!
BSS Diploma
#Certificates and Diplomas
Upon completion of a BSS 2016 course, participants will be awarded a Belgrade Summer School Certificate of Attendance, with a possibility of continuing their studies at Concord Language School. During the two week language programme, all participants will be prepared for the final exam in order to successfully pass it and attain the certificate.

This certificate is a milestone towards the certificate of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).
For more information on LCCI certification, please visit: http://www.lcci.org.uk/
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BSS History
#October 1995
The idea behind organising the summer school in Belgrade came from Concord Language School, which was one of the first private foreign language schools founded in Belgrade. Concord has become a synonym for high quality education in teaching foreign languages. For more info, please visit www.concord.rs
#January 2005
The management of the International Communication Fund decided to support the idea and create a new event in Belgrade: the Belgrade Summer School. In the first year of running this programme had a large number of students from foreign countries, which has markedly increased year after year.
Meet our principal
BSS Director
Welcome to Belgrade Summer School where you will meet and make friends with fellow students from all over the world.
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Our Team
BSS Professors
Belgrade Summer School Teachers are young and experienced foreign languages teachers, graduates from the University of Belgrade...


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