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Important Information
#Comming to and Staying in Serbia
Please read the following documents regarding travelling to Belgrade, customs in Serbia and timetable of the Belgrade Summer School.
Nekoliko reči o nama
#The Facts
According to unofficial data, there are currently around 3 to 4 million Serbs in the Diaspora throughout the world, with hundreds of thousands being the younger generation. This means that all instructions are delivered to them in the language of the country they live in, which raises a question of complete assimilation.

The use of one's original native language is a pre-requisite for maintaining national identity, the feeling of belonging and connection with the country of origin. Today, knowledge of foreign languages represents a foundation for linking people and cultures. On the other hand, the Serbian Diaspora has to be aware of the importance of implementing a notion of national identity and transferring its culture and language onto the younger generation.

The whole idea of Belgrade Summer School of the Serbian language (BSS) is precisely to help the Serbian Diaspora youth stay in touch and get acquainted with the culture, history and tradition of the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia. This would help them get involved in the cultural, social and political life of their country of origin.
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BSS Press Conference
#Learn More About Your Homeland
The main goal of the Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture is to raise and improve awareness of the Serbian Diaspora youth regarding the life of the country of origin through its summer programme of learning Serbian, as well as carefully planned outdoor workshops, thematic evenings and excursions.

Our main goals at BSS are as follows:

  • Organising workshops with the aim of acquiring and improving the knowledge of the Serbian language
  • Presenting Serbian history, culture and customs
  • Spreading the knowledge of tourist potentials of Belgrade and Serbia
  • Actively engaging the Serbian Diaspora youth in the social, political and economic life of Serbia
  • Establishing and strengthening present cooperation with universities in the country, region and the world
  • Building connections with the Serbian Diaspora, through (the) socialising of young people from the country and abroad
  • Positioning Belgrade as an (unavoidable) educational and cultural centre in Southeastern Europe
  • Promoting tolerance and understanding among young people
  • Enhancing international communication
  • Fund raising to enable talented young people to participate in both scientific projects and art exchanges.
#Our Partners
Many organisations and institutions have joined the Belgrade Summer School project. In this way, they recognise it as a major cultural and educational event in Belgrade this summer. Some of them are as follows:
  • Ministry of Diaspora is our co-partner in this international project
  • The Assembly of the City of Belgrade
  • The Tourist Organisation of Belgrade (TOB) is one of the leading partners of the BSS
  • Concord Communications - organises tuition for BSS students through Concord Language School, which was founded in 1995 in Belgrade. It is one of the first private language schools in Belgrade with considerable experience in teaching Serbian to foreigners and the Serbian Diaspora returnees
  • Glob Metropoliten Tours is a licensed tourist agency with a rich experience in promoting our country, and takes care of our students regarding accommodation, transport and excursions
  • Belgrade Chamber of Commerce
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the main certifying body at Belgrade Summer School

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