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# Why attend a Summer School in the first place?  

Because nowadays summer schools are being established in almost every European country and attract many foreign students each year. They are popular and their success is mainly owed to the many advantages that benefit both students and language schools. For a number of years now, summer schools have been organised for a variety of reasons, primary being:

  • Promoting idea of international education and cooperation
  • Providing high quality language lessons with a focus on the conversational side i.e. how the language actually works in practice

From the records of class participation and contribution, in different language related studies, it is evident that many students are just passive spectators looking for the 'right answer' from the lecturer. In contrast, our intensive courses are supposed to allow students to engage and interact actively with the lecturer and fellow students. Participants are enabled to identify appropriate learning activities from the vast number of methods available (lectures, class discussion, round the clock live conversation, workshops, projects, etc.) Hence, they are motivated to go above and beyond in their efforts to enhance their oral and written language skills and consequently move ahead in their personal and professional life.

# Why us?  
Here are just some of the possible answers:
  • Because of our main preoccupations at BSS: International Youth Gathering from far and wide, Language Environment and Cultural Exchange. We are proud to support 24/7 language learning through our intensive education-oriented programmes. All of our staff, as well as students, agree that the main focus is on living, learning and speaking a foreign language.
  • Because our teachers are friendly, patient, helpful and committed. They will help you break down your language barriers as quickly as possible so that you will be able to communicate independently in the language of your choice in no time.
  • Because our teaching methods are intended to assist learners to use a preferred language to express their thoughts in different situations. They include, among others the use of group problem solving exercises, live discussions, individual presentations and assignments. This is absolutely necessary for young people, as they are expected to demonstrate skills such as integration of new and their existing knowledge, team building, communication and listening skills, as well as critical thinking and problem solving required in their challenging future career.
# How can I benefit from it?  
Want to improve your knowledge of Serbian or choose your preferred world language? English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Greek and Arabic - you name it! How about getting familiar with the cultural and historical sights of the city of Belgrade and Serbia? Fancy getting to know its people and feeling the good vibrations?

If the answer to all the above is "yes," then keep on reading!

All work and no fun?

Far from that. BSS offers effective training courses in 10 world languages, and besides that, the participants will get a chance to learn the local language, while having the time of their lives. We will show you that learning is not necessarily boring. Apart from our standard and specialised two-week intensive language programmes, you can get familiar with a new country, the people and their customs. You will be able to choose from a variety of whole-day and half-day Belgrade sightseeing tours along with excursions throughout Serbia. What you will get is an authentic, fulfilling and above all, memorable travel experience. Not to mention Belgrade's nightlife with its countless nightclubs, bars and clubs on river barges. Come and see for yourself.
# How long has BSS been running?  
BSS was established in 2005, though our teachers and staff have more than a decade of experience in teaching Serbian and other foreign languages to students at Concord Language School.  
# Any foreign lecturers visiting?  
As in the previous years, this summer BSS expects a large number of participants from the country and abroad, as well as numerous visiting professors and lecturers, along with the lecturers certified by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  
# When is BSS held?  
BSS is divided in 2 sessions:
  • 06-16 July 2016
  • 20 July-30 July 2016
# Are there limits to the number of courses I may take in BSS?  
You may take up to two courses per summer. But you should know that the social part of the programme remains the same. If you choose to do so, all you need to do when applying is name the two summer courses of your choice along with the dates when they will be held.  
# How many participants are there per group? What are the groups like?  
Groups usually consist of 5 to 8 people. Studies suggest that small groups perform better on problem solving. Besides, group learning is fun and fun makes learning much easier and more effective. Furthermore, our groups are international, which means that you will be living and learning with students from different countries at all times. This will, by all means, contribute to the enrichment of your language-learning stay in Belgrade. Experience Serbia for yourself and see how others perceive it!  
# Who can participate?  
BSS 2016 is open to all people who would like to learn Serbian or other preferred world language - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. No prerequisites are necessary to participate in our programmes. Belgrade Summer School is designed as a workshop course, intended to help participants adopt the language of their choice by the end of the course.  
# How to fill out the online Registration Form?  
You can find a link to the online registration form on our website. Please click on this link and follow the instructions given in the questionnaire. The registration form consists of three pages. You have to complete all the information in order to proceed to the next page. As part of the registration form you will be asked to give your personal information. Therefore, you might need relevant documents at hand when filling it out. If you have the relevant documents it should not take you more that 5 min to complete it .  
# Who can I contact regarding questions or problems about the Registration Form?  
Should you have any questions or encounter difficulties when filling out the form please contact us at office@belgradesummer.org  
# What is the cost of attending BSS?  

The cost depends on the course you choose to attend, whether you need our assistance with arranging accommodation or obtaining the visa. The price includes tuition, textbooks, cultural, recreational and workshop activities.
For more details on modes of payment, prices and terms and conditions for Belgrade Summer School, please check our Price List.

# What is the application deadline?  
The application deadline is 1st June 2016. After this date registration will be allowed with an additional fee charge. BSS has a continual admissions process. It is recommended that you apply well in advance before the summer session, due to the large number of students who apply each year.  

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