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#Do You Need Our Help?
BSS Diploma
BSS Organisational Committee may help accommodate its participants with regard to their preferences for different types of accommodation. All hostels are conveniently situated in downtown Belgrade, i.e. close to our language schools and famous sightseeing locations. In case you need our assistance, please note that there is an accommodation administrative fee, and it is not refundable.
#Accommodation in Belgrade
You can choose from four types of accommodation: Hostel, Student Dormitory, Hotel or Apartment. The proposed types of accommodation have been carefully chosen in order to fit your needs and preferences. However, you can also arrange accommodation on your own. If you are interested in details regarding the accommodation please follow the links bellow.
Hostel Captain
#Hostel Captain
Hostel Captain is situated in the Old town, in the heart of Belgrade, where it is bustling with cafes, restaurants and rich nightlife. There are several rooms with maximum 4 to 6 occupants.

Hostel Captain
#Hostel Sun
Sun Hostel is an elegant, well equipped and comfortable hostel in Belgrade. Rich with African motives, very cozy, pleasant, and with  a warm homely atmosphere.  
Here you can find a big kitchen, huge living room, garden but most of all our experienced staff!

Hostel/Dorm Jelica Milovanovic

#Hostel/Dorm Jelica Milovanovic
Students’ dormitory Jelica Milovanovic has a prime location in Belgrade. It is situated just a couple of minutes walking distance from the Parliament of Serbia. The rooms can accommodate 1 to 3 persons, and there is a possibility of arranging three meals a day.
Hotel Royal
#Hotel Royal
Hotel Royal is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade. It is a three stars hotel with a superb location and affordable prices. It can accommodate from 1 to 3 persons in a single room, with private bathroom and breakfast served.
BSS Professional
#Belgrade Apartment
You can choose from the variety of apartments, completely furnished and situated next to the Language Schools. The apartment can be booked for groups of maximum 6 people or per person willing to share the flat.

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