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BSS Extracurricular activities
#Full-day Excursions
Here you can have a peek at the places we are going to visit on the two excursions.
#Optional Seven-day Programme
We recommend that you plan to stay a few more days after BSS, as we are going strolling on Zlatibor and rafting on the Drina river!
Half Day Activities
#Kalemegdan - Belgrade Fortress
At the very beginning of BSS we will visit the fort overlooking the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and the Danube, with an optional visit to one of the most beautiful Zoo gardens in Europe.
#Zemun - Gardoš Tower
Zemun is a picturesque part of Belgrade with a lot of history, going from Byzantine to Austro-Hungarian times. During this workshop we will also have an optional visit to one of many rafts on the Danube.
#Dedinje - Royal Courts
During this workshop we will visit the Royal Courts (Old and White Palace). We will have a guided tour of this historical complex which will explain the turbulent times for the Karađorđević Royal Family and Serbia as well.
#Dedinje - Memorial Complex Tito
Visit to the Mausoleum of the leader of the former SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, who died on May 4, 1980. It is located in Dedinje. On site you can learn about "Youth Day", which was a big celebration on May 25 (Tito's official birthday) and the regime under Communism.
Full Day Excursions
BSS Excursion Novi Sad
#Vojvodina - Novi Sad and Fruška Gora
On this excursion we will take you on an exploration of Serbia's Northen province - Vojvodina. You will visit beautiful monasteries and vibrant cities!
#Šumadija - Oplenac and Topola
We are going to take you on an excursion to the heart of Serbia - to the Šumadija region. You are going to visit the important historical site of Oplenac, which is the mausoleum of the Serbian Karađorđević Royal Family. We will also pay a visit to the town of Topola, where the First Serbian Uprising took place.
Seven-day excursions
BSS Afterprogramme Zlatibor
#Serbia - Zlatibor and Drina Rafting
After Belgrade Summer School we are going to take you to the most beautiful mountain in Serbia! You will enjoy the ethnic villages and national cuisine.

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