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#This Year's Campaign
The main idea of the team that have built Belgrade Summer School is intercultural education.
After years of investing into this project, we are ready to transfer the knowledge - to you!
BSS International
#Scholarships Based on Merit and Luck
There are two types of scholarships at Belgrade Summer School: Scholarships based on Merit (scholarships for outstanding students) and Scholarships based on Luck (scholarships for the lucky ones).

The scholarship covers the following: Two-week language course, Course materials, Counsellor and Tutor assistance, Refreshments during the course, Free Internet access at Concord Language Schools, Congress materials, DVD with pictures, videos and digital material, BSS participation certificate, Welcome cocktail, Belgrade Orientation Tour, Workshops, Visit to the Royal Courts, Sports day at Ada Ciganlija, the Danube Cruise and Closing ceremony. Please note that extra-curricular activities, accommodation, meals and travel expenses will not be subsidised .
BSS Campaign

# 2008 Scholarship Winner
1. Mina dea Avramov

# 2009 Scholarship Winner
1. Nenad Mihaljčić

# 2010 Scholarships Winners
1. Mina Mihaljčić
2. Oxana Gladysheva:

# 2011 Scholarship Winner
1. Mladen Adamović


Letter from Oxana Gladysheva, our 2010 scholarship winner:

"It was my first visit to Serbia. Being on the way to this country I was full of enthusiasm about the culture, traditions, history of this state and surely expected to perfect my English. Usually I try to be guided by the rule : “to kill two birds with one stone”, so the Belgrade summer school became for me the place to improve my English, at the same time I had a chance to network with people from different cities and countries, make new friends, and visit famous sites of the capital-Belgrade...

I’m full of awe-inspiring emotions about Serbia and get butterflies in my stomach when I speak about my valuable experience in the Belgrade Summer School.

Social program was amazing! One day excursion to Novi Sad, bicycling around the lake in a sunny day in Ada Ciganlija - this is a bright spot in the memories about Serbia. A Trip to the Royal Courts- a posh residence of monarchs – attracted my attention by Byzantine style in exterior. The church of St.Sava- the top of which I could see from any corner of the city..."
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"Let Serbia change your life as she has changed mine.
Visit Serbia! Join the Belgrade Summer School!"

International Coordinators
#Merit based Scholarships
These scholarships are reserved for international and Serbian students without the financial means to take part in BSS. In order to apply for this scholarship, please email us the scanned originals of the following documents, and their translation in Serbian or English if necessary:

  1. Official document which states your or your family’s income for the previous year
  2. Document showing your exam results in the last year (or a degree if you have graduated)
  3. Motivation Letter
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
There are additional scholarships for students from Belgrade that are willing to be Hosts at the Belgrade Summer School. Hosts will be a part of the Organisational Committee and in charge of their fellow students' social programme. Hosts are responsible for making our participants feel welcome, enabling them a pleasant stay in Belgrade. If you would like to be a Host at the Belgrade Summer School please be sure to put that in your Motivational Letter.

#Luck based Scholarships

Luck based Scholarships are meant to help international and Serbian students in obtaining their place at BSS, purely on the basis of luck. We have set up a Facebook group where you and your friends can join, and hope that you will be the lucky winner. The only condition is that you and two of your friends are members of our group and also know each other, i.e. all three of you are friends on Facebook. All the rest is pure luck! Scholarship recipients can come from any country in the world and, if necessary, the Organisational Committee will offer to help with the procedure for attaining a visa.

You can join the Facebook group and invite all your friends to join at the following address:

#The Decision Will Be Reached By 10 June

We encourage you to apply for the scholarships, but please note that every year we have more and more applications than scholarships. That is why we advise you to pay the fees so as to secure your place at BSS. If you choose to apply for the scholarship please join the FB group, or send us an email with the requested documents by 1st June. The decision will be brought by 10th June and successful candidates will be contacted by email.

Should you have any questions about the scholarships or the very participation at Belgrade Summer School, please do not hesitate to contact us at: belgrade.summer@gmail.com


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