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#Get To Speak Serbian
We offer a range of taught Serbian Language Courses for English-speaking foreigners.

Belgrade Summer School invites you to enrol in the "Serbian for Foreigners" study program. Learn Serbian easily with our team of trained professionals. By applying our methods we will help you learn basic communication and get acquainted with Serbian culture and customs .
#Our school specialises in teaching Serbian as a foreign language
Throughout the years we have built up our experience in teaching Serbian as a foreign language, developing specific programs and methods of learning along the way. Our students are immediately introduced to topics which they will be able to put to use even after their very first lesson.

If you are a foreigner who wishes to learn Serbian and find out more about Serbia and its culture, the Belgrade Summer School is the right place for you. Our study program is unique because it does not only involve language studying, but it also provides information about important segments of Serbian culture and lifestyle. The teaching activities include active utilization of four language learning skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
#Beginners Course - Level 1
At Level 1 of the Beginners course, students are introduced to the elementary grammar and Serbian language structures. At this level, the student learns reading and writing skills, and begins to use simple sentences.

On this course students are taught how to introduce and talk about themselves, their work, family and friends. They will manage simple life situations, answer questions about the weather and dates, manage a visit to a store or restaurant, talk about food, how to buy a tram, bus or train ticket, order a cab/taxi, send a postcard, etc.
#Beginners Course - Level 2
At Level 2, the use of cases in the Serbian language are studied in more detail; you learn adjectives as well as modal verbs, prepositions, ordinal numbers, cases, and the students are also introduced to the aspect of verbs in Serbian. Upon the completion of this level, the student is able to describe, using short sentences, his/her daily habits, he/she can speak about clothes, TV programs, family, house objects and their arrangements. The student will also learn the terminology related to: transactions at the exchange office, going to the hairdresser, telling time, different foodstuff, describing people and their appearance, etc.

Students learn how to talk about themselves, their work, way of life and hobbies in more details. They will be able to talk about fashion, talk on the phone, describe cities and countries, write a letter, and talk about holidays and travel, and what to say in the post office or travel agency.
#Individual courses
Individual courses are especially tailored to the needs of the individual student. A specific course program is created for each student based on the results of the ‘interests and needs analyses’.As we focus on the individual needs of the student, he/she can learn the language and reach their desired level of competency in a short time frame.
#Serbian for Foreign Students of Serbian Language and Literature
If you wish to learn Serbian and know more about Serbs and their culture the Serbian Language and Culture Course is ideal for you. The program offers Serbian language classes and encompasses important elements of Serbian culture. During your stay you will get the opportunity to meet local people, get to know their lifestyle and go on excursions to places of interest in Serbia.

Our skilled and experienced Serbian teachers can create a customer specific teaching course corresponding exactly to your requirements. It can either be a short, intensive course to teach you how to communicate in everyday situation, or a more sophisticated, professional course that covers a specific field of interest.

Students talk about themselves, their plans, interests, talk about their past and their future plans, analysing documents, text from the newspapers and news.

Grammar: Students learn compound tenses, aorist and imperfect tense. They also learn compound nouns, diminutives, augmentatives and practice their spelling.

They also practice their conversation skills in business and other specific situations, read the daily news and literary works (prose and poetry). They practice presentations and writing business letters. Classes are organized to suit student's needs and are oriented towards expanding their vocabulary and speech.

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