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BSS Mission and Vision
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The main idea of the team that have built Belgrade Summer School is intercultural education.
After years of investing into this project, we are ready to transfer the knowledge - to you!
BSS International
#International Cooperation
Belgrade Summer School cooperates with many Student and Youth Organisations from Europe and the World . If you would like to be a BSS Coordinator for your country or region, please write us an email.
BSS Campaign
#Our Mission
For more information on the Belgrade Summer School mission, please click here.
BSS History
#BSS Vision
Belgrade Summer School is an event gathering students and young people from the Serbian Diaspora and the whole world around, with the aim of getting to know Belgrade and Serbia, places of great cultural and historical heritage, as well as enhancing communicational skills in one of the10 languages we offer.

The social part of BSS is extremely important. It comprises of full-day and half-day guided tours within the territory of Belgrade and Serbia, with an organised programme through which participants will get familiar with the history and culture of our country.

The Vision of BSS is to become a recognisable educational, cultural and social event during the summer in Belgrade. This implies being recognised by its citizens, the country itself and its economy as an important aspect of Belgrade's life. The Vision of BSS also depicts Belgrade as a regional centre of South-Eastern Europe and a city that is a leader in the field of education, communication and tourism.

Welcome to Belgrade - the city of the future !

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