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Courses designed for you
BSS Programs
#Standard Courses
Courses specially designed for teenagers and students.
#Specialized Courses
Courses designed for professional development.

After having sucessfully finished the course, the participants will be given an oportunity to apply for prestigious LCCI certificate.
BSS Diploma
#Certificate of Attendance
After having finished the course attendants receive Belgrade Summer School Certificate of Attendance and will have the necessary requirements for LCCI certification.
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#Official Languages
Belgrade Summer School is a multilingual event with two official languages - Serbian and English.

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Special Offer
#Scholarships Based on Merit and Luck
Every year Belgrade Summer School offers several scholarships for talented students willing to learn foreign language, giving the priority to ones that can not pay for the tuition fee.
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BSS Syllabuses
BSS Student
#BSS Student
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Serbian courses from Beginners to Upper Intermediate Level, for students aged 18-28 (no strict age limit).
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BSS Teen
#BSS Teen
Serbian and English language courses from Beginners to Upper Intermediate Level, for teenagers aged 12-18 (no strict age limit), with a special organisation for the Serbian Diaspora.
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BSS Professional
#BSS Professional
English language courses - LCCI's programmes (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for young professionals from Serbia and abroad aged 25-35 (no strict age limit).
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